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Rules & Regulations

National School League – Cricket Season 3


  • The tournament will be played on round-robin-come-knockout basis.

  • Teams will play against each other in their respective groups.

  • Top team from each group will qualify for the knockout stages (no playoffs).

  • Sharjah and Abu Dhabi teams to play a pre quarter final in their group



  • (A) Dubai U14 and U17 – POOL 1 and 2

2 Pools x 4 Teams Each (Max 8 Teams per age group)

Each Team plays 3 games in the Round Robin Phase

1 Team per pool to Qualify for Quarter Finals Round

  • (B) Dubai U14 and U17 – POOL 3 and 4

2 Pools x 3 Teams Each (Max 6 Teams per age group)

Each Team plays 3 games in the Round Robin – Pre Quarter Finals Round

Pre Quarters 

DXB 1st Pool 3 vs. DXB 2nd Pool 4 – Winner advances to Quarter Finals

DXB 1st Pool 4 vs. DXB 2nd Pool 3 – Winner advances to Quarter Finals

1 Team per pool to Qualify for Quarter Finals Round


  • Sharjah U14 and U17

1 Pool x 5 Teams Each (Max 5 Teams per age group)

Each Team plays 4 games in the Round Robin

2 Teams per pool to Qualify for Quarter Finals Round


  • Abu Dhabi U14

1 Pools x 4 Teams Each (Max 4 Teams per age group)

Each Team plays 3 games in the Round Robin

2 Teams to Qualify for Quarter Finals Round

  • Abu DhabiU17

2 Pool x 4 Teams Each (Max 4 Teams per age group)

Each Team plays 3 games in the Round Robin Phase

1 Team per pool to Qualify for Quarter Finals Round



  • U14 – 1st September 2002 is the cut off

  • U17 – 1st September 1999 is the cut off


  • Fixtures arranged and draws made for the tournament by the organizing committee will be final and will not be changed except under extreme circumstances.

  • Sport360 has the right to postpone or re schedule any match if deemed necessary due to un-avoidable circumstances.


  • Each competitor shall wear the uniform supplied by Sport360. All required safety and protective equipment for that sport must be worn. A competitor must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another competitor. (Including any kind of jewellery)


  • Match Won – Three points

  • Match lost – No Points

  • Match Abandoned during round-robin (any reason) – One point to each team

  • Match Tied during round-robin stages – points will be shared (one point each) – knockout stages – super over will be required to determine winner – Three points going to the winner.

  • Match Forfeited due to Walk Over – Minus Two points, as Penalty for Walkover and other team will receive all three points.

  • If teams are equal on points at the end of the round-robin stages then the teams with highest Net Run Rate in the group will qualify. A fraction of an over shall be taken as an actual to calculate the net run rate. Ex: if 217 runs are scored in 16 overs and 2 balls, then the run rate shall be 217 divided by 16.2. If the net run rate is still same calculated to three decimal points ex: 13.395 then the team which has lost fewer wickets will be declared Winner. If the two teams were still equal, then the winner of head to head match would qualify.


  • During knockout stages, matches abandoned as a result of weather or unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled on an appropriate date.

  • A minimum of 5 overs a side must be played to constitute a game

  • If the match is abandoned due to rain or any other reason and there is no possibility of further play, once 5 Overs has been completed by both the sides than Sport360/umpires and scorers will decide the winner by using Duckworth / Lewis method.


  • In a tied match in the KNOCK-OUT stages the teams shall compete in a one over per side eliminator to determine the winner as per the following conditions: 


  • Prior to the commencement of the one over per side eliminator each team elects three batsmen and a bowler.

  • The nominated players list to be given in writing to the umpires.

  • The umpires shall stand at same end as that in which they finished the match.

  • Each team’s over is played with the same fielding restrictions as applied for normal T20 match.

  • The team batting second in the match will bat first in the one over eliminator.

  • The same ball as used at the end of the team’s innings shall be used for the Extra over.

  • The loss of two wickets in the over will end the team’s one over innings.

  • In the event of the teams having the same score after the one over per eliminator has been completed, the team that hit the most number of sixes combined from its two innings in both the main match and the one over per side eliminator shall be the winner.

  • If the number of sixes hit by both teams is equal, the team whose batsmen score the most number of boundaries from its two innings in both the main match and the one over per side eliminator shall be the winner.

  • If the number of boundaries from the two innings in both main match and the one over per side eliminator are equal, then the team which took the most number of wickets combined in both the main match and one over per side eliminator shall be winner.

  • If the FINAL match is abandoned due to rain, fog or any other natural calamity, where the minimum 5 Overs are not played by the finalists, then the match shall be rescheduled.



  • Teams should be available to play the matches as per Sport360 schedule.

  • Match Reporting Time 45 minutes before start of play.

  • A team may not take the field of play with less than 8 players

  • The allotted overs and batting time of the team reporting after the ‘ Match Start Time’ will be reduced by one over for each four minutes lost of the match until the walkover time. The other team if on time will be eligible to play the full quota of overs. (Walkover time will be 20 minutes after the scheduled start of play)

  • If both the teams arrive later than the walkover time the match will be considered as cancelled and Walk-over rule shall be applied to both teams with two points deducted from either side. There shall be no re-play of the match.

  • Match Toss time 20 minutes before start of match

  • Match Starting Time As per Announced Schedule

  • Teams not able to toss 20 minutes before the start time will automatically lose the toss.

  • Each innings (U17) will be of 1 hr. and 15 minutes duration with a drinks break after 10 overs, followed by 10 minutes change over between the innings.

  • Each innings (U14) will be of 1 hr. duration with a drinks break after 8 overs, followed by 10 minutes change over between the innings.

  • U17 – All fielding sides are required to complete their 20 overs in the allotted time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. U14 – fielding sides must complete their overs in 1 hour. Failure to do so by the side fielding first would result in the following:

  • The Side fielding first will face only the number of overs they managed to bowl in the allotted time. (I.e. number of overs bowled short will be deducted from their allotted overs). The allotted overs of the side batting first will still be completed. For example, in a full 20 overs an inning match, if a side bowling first has bowled only 19 overs in the allotted time, then they would be allowed to bat for only 19 overs and so on and the allotted time will be reduced @ 4minutes x number of overs penalized but the side batting first will bat for its full quota of 20 overs. Should the team bowling second not complete the allotted/revised quota of overs in the allotted/revised time, required run rate will be added to the opponent for each over bowled short. Example: If a team is chasing 200 in 20 overs and side bowling second fails to complete the overs and bowls only 19 overs, then a penalty of 12 runs shall be awarded to Batting side and the result announced after adding the penalty.



  • The National Schools Cricket league is a schools only league.

  • Only pupils registered at the participating school are allowed to take part.

  • Each participating school is allowed a maximum of 15 registered players to represent the school in each age group.

  • A maximum of three U14 boys from a particular school can represent the same schools U17 team

  • Fixtures will not be rearranged in the above instance. For example, kids playing in the U14 team being too tired to play in a U17 game scheduled for the same day.

  • The Coach or team manager shall submit to umpires a complete list of minimum 12 players, duly signed before the toss. Players must not be listed with a single name for various administration reasons (coaches and managers are responsible for providing players’ full names).

  • A player must play at least two matches before the final match.



  • The 12th man will be allowed to replace another fielder but will not be allowed to bat or bowl. The umpires must be informed (this process should not delay or slow down the game).

  • If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during play:

  • The umpire shall be informed of the reason of his absence.

  • He shall not thereafter come on to the field during the play without the consent of the umpire.

  • If that fielder or substitute comes into field without the permission of the umpire and handles the ball before the ball becomes dead, 5 penalty runs will be awarded to the batting side and the ball will be declared dead ball.

  • If he is absent for 8 minutes or longer, he shall not be permitted to bowl thereafter, until he has been on the field for at least that length of playing time for which he was absent.

  • Runner will not be allowed.



  • In the case of the bowler over stepping the popping crease, this will incur a 4 run penalty plus the runs scored off the ball.

  • A bowler shall be limited to one fast short-pitched delivery per over.

  • A fast short-pitched delivery is defined as a ball, which passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease.

  • In the event of more than one fast short-pitched delivery per over being bowled the umpire shall call and signal NO BALL on each occasion. To call a “NO Ball” for fast short-pitched delivery will be the responsibility of the main umpire.

  • If the bowler bowls more than one fast short pitched delivery in an over, the umpire shall call and signal it as a “no ball” and advise the bowler that this is his final warning for the innings.

  • Should there be any further instance by the same bowler in that innings, the umpire shall call and signal no ball and when the ball is dead direct the captain to take the bowler off forthwith.

  • A ball that passes above head height of the batsman that prevents him from being able to hit it with his bat by means of a normal cricket stroke shall be called a wide.

  • Any delivery, which passes or would have passed on the full above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease, is deemed unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker. The umpire at the bowler’s end shall, call and signal ‘No Ball’, when the ball is dead, caution the bowler and issue a first and final warning.


  • Maximum of six balls per over. EXCEPT in the last over of each innings when the bowler has to complete the over no matter how many balls it requires ( A wide will still count for two runs)

  • Umpires will apply strict and consistent ruling in regards to this law to prevent negative bowling. Two runs will be awarded to batting team for every WIDE BALL in addition to number of runs scored off them.


  • (U14) – Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs per innings.

  • (U17) – Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs per innings.

  • The match will be played with one new ball per innings.


  • There are no power plays or fielding restrictions but there must be 5 fielders excluding the keeper and bowler in the inner ring throughout the game.

  • At the instance of delivery, not more than six fielders on the Offside and five fielders on the On-Side of the wickets shall be allowed. In the event of an infringement, the umpires shall call and signal “No Ball”.

  • Maximum two fielders are allowed behind the square leg line throughout the innings.


  • No unscheduled water breaks are permitted and the umpires must enforce this.

  • The fielding and batting teams are required to keep up with the over rate.

  • All captains are responsible to ensure that a minimum of 15-overs per hour @ 4-minutes per over should be bowled in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of time. While calculating the over rate, 5-minutes of serious injury to a player or any other reason beyond the control of the player shall be deductible allowance.

Umpires are required to report immediately during or after a match any breach of these rules or as required under Laws of Cricket. Umpires will report any case of obvious dissent or misconduct, even though the player’s captain may have taken effective action.


  • The official scorer appointed by Sport360 shall be responsible for recording the score and ensuring that the sheets are neatly and correctly filled in.

  • CRIC HQ is the official scoring platform for the tournament.


  • We recommend that every school should have a basic First Aid Kit with them at all times.

  • We also recommend each student should have medical insurance.

  • Please note water will be provided but no food.

  • Please respect certain venues polices that prohibit outside food and beverages.

  • Sport360 shall have the right to disallow any team from participation in the NSL Cricket due to any misconduct